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Pavers are used for walkways, patios, driveways, and pool decks. Pavers are manufactured using various materials, including brick, concrete, and dyes. The materials are mixed together to create a slurry, which is then poured into molds or cast to form the pavers. Overall, pavers are a versatile building material used in various applications to add beauty and function to outdoor spaces. 

Why Should I Seal My Pavers? 

Sealing pavers can provide many benefits, including:  

  1. Protecting the surface of the pavers from staining and discoloration due to dirt, oil, and other substances.  
  1. Enhancing the color and appearance of the pavers.  
  1. Protecting the sand joints between the pavers helps keep them in place and prevents them from shifting or settling.  
  1. Making the surface of the pavers easier to clean and maintain.  
  1. Increasing the overall lifespan of the pavers.  

Overall, sealing pavers is an excellent way to protect your investment and keep your outdoor space looking beautiful for years to come. 

Sealant: The Best Form of Paver Stone Maintenance 

The difficulty of cleaning pavers depends on the type of dirt or stains that are present, as well as the kind of pavers you have. Sealing pavers can be a dirty and labor-intensive job. If you are not comfortable or able to perform the work yourself, hiring a professional paver sealer can ensure that the job is done safely. With sealed pavers, you will no longer need regular cleanings. Sealing pavers every three to four years can protect them from the elements and staining, increasing the length of their life and potentially saving property owners thousands of dollars. 

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If you have unsealed pavers on your property and are tired of having to clean them regularly, take action to protect them. We have over seven years of knowledge and experience to properly assess the condition of your pavers and recommend the best solution for your needs. Contact the professional paver sealers at Unreal Paver Seal today for a free quote. You can reach us now at 813-435-0204