Advantages To Paver Sealing

benefits of sealing paving

Deck restoration may be a part of your DIY home improvement list this summer. If that’s so, you may want to take things a step further and investigate paver sealing and its many benefits. Not only will it protect the path leading up to your beautiful deck restoration, but it’s also beneficial in numerous other ways as well.

Sealing your pavers protects them from the elements.
This is probably the main benefit to doing paver sealing alongside of your deck restoration. By sealing your pavers, you protect them from Florida’s harsh environment and extreme temperatures. Things like extreme sun exposure, high humidity, and excessive water can really do a number on them.

Sealing your pavers helps them resist dirt and mold.
Additionally, Florida deals with mold growing like crazy. Sealing your pavers helps them resist mold by making them less porous. While mold may still grow there, it’ll grow a lot slower and thus be easier for you to clean. This is also true for any dirt and grime. It’ll be harder for them to get into your pavers as well. Since you’ll want to keep your deck restoration work looking beautiful throughout the summer, you can take out the power washer to use on both it and your pavers. Doing so will remove the dirt quite easily.

Sealing your pavers stabilizes the sand between them.
Whether you’re using brick pavers or travertine tiles, there will be sand joints between them. This sand becomes stabilized once paver sealing is applied. Once it’s hardened, it won’t be able to be washed out, even while using a power washer on it and your beautiful, new deck restoration work.

While this sounds great, you should know that your pavers aren’t cemented together. This is why whenever you get heavy rain, the sand doesn’t blow out of them.

Sealing your pavers enhances the color of your brick.
One of the biggest benefits that people rant about in regard to paver sealing has to do with its aesthetic beauty. Many people will tell you that this is the main reason why they have it done because the color enhancement really is that great.

With so many different sealers available on the market today for you to choose from, you, too, will appreciate their color-enhancing abilities. In fact, this is why some people refer to paver sealants as the “enhanced look.” Regardless of what you call them, these sealants will darken and enrich your bricks’ color without actually changing the color of the bricks themselves. You can compare this to what rain does to something when it’s wet or damp. The pavers will simply come to life thanks to their natural beauty.

Sealing your pavers makes the bricks shiny.
Paver sealing offers a beautiful sheen. Like sealants, these sheens are also available in various colors. These sealers’ various colors also enhance your pavers’ sheen. For the best look, you’ll want to opt for either a semi-gloss or satin type of sheen. This won’t be too shiny, but anything that’s shinier will become quite slippery and aren’t breathable. Therefore, condensation and moisture can become trapped under them. This can result in a hazy, white film forming on top of your pavers. Once this happens, the only way to fix the problem is to strip off your old sealer. Unfortunately, this is quite expensive, so you’ll want to avoid it from happening to begin with.

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