A Simple Brick Pavers Patio Guide

How to Lay a Brick Patio

Many homeowners in Florida will be updating their patios in the foreseeable future. Chances are, they will use brick pavers. Brick pavers appeal to the eye and can add architectural style to your outdoor living space. Keep reading to find out how long they last and things you can do, such as using a paver sealer, to make them last longer.

Before making a purchase for anything, one question people always ask is how long the item will last. Brick pavers can last many decades to come if they are installed properly and are well taken care of. This high-end building material will cost more upfront, but you can enjoy it for so much longer than other types of patios. They are well worth the investment.

So what are some other reasons why a homeowner would go with brick pavers instead of another material? For starters, they often look better than anything else used for a patio. With the various styles of pavers, you can really make a personal statement.

And we can not forget about them being skid and slip resistant, as well as having the potential to increase your home value.

Homeowners use brick pavers because they not only look good but are much easier to fix than a concrete patio. If you find damaged ones, you can simply replace them. With concrete patios, you will need to replace an entire slab, which will be harder and longer work.

Various homeowners have used concrete for their patios because they believe it will endure harsh conditions. However, it can easily crack as it ages. It also has a tendency to become uneven over time. Therefore, concrete is losing its appeal as it can become an eyesore. Furthermore, if it cracks, it makes it a tripping hazard for anyone using the patio.

There are many factors that will determine how long your brick pavers will last. Even if you have a few that become damaged, they are easy to replace.

One factor to consider when determining how long your pavers will last is where you decide to put the patio. Poor soil is a huge no-no for pavers. Stable ground is needed for paver installation. Therefore, preventing the pavers from settling unevenly.

Proper installation is also a factor that comes into play when determining how long brick pavers will last. Whoever installs the pavers must understand the construction techniques that are best for the paver patio, such as picking the proper mortar that is placed between the bricks to utilizing a compacted base layer of aggregate.

A third component for making sure your brick pavers last a long time is to have paver sealing completed. But not just any sealer will do. If you do not select the proper one, your patio can pay the price for it in how long it will last. Paver sealing will allow the colors of your bricks to be richer in color for longer as well.

You also do not want to expose your patio to chemicals that can weaken the pavers used. Many chemicals will have an adverse impact on bricks over time. Therefore, it is best to avoid any types of these chemicals.

To be sure your brick pavers last as long as they can, hire a professional company to install them. This will provide a solid foundation for a stable patio. If you are in the Tampa area, ready to seal your patio, call Unreal Paver Seal Tampa Bay. This family-owned company can provide extensive knowledge to get the job completed right with satisfaction guaranteed.

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